A New PI -Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller .Application to the Dual Star Induction Machine (DSIM)
A Comparative Study between DTC, SVM-DTC and SVM-DTC with PI Controller of Induction Motor
A Fuzzy Adaptive Control for Double Stator Induction Motor Drives
A Generation Model for Surface EMG Signals
A Learning method of a Mobile Robot using ACO and a Fuzzy Navigator
A Novel Digital Watermarking Method Based on Multi-Level DWT and New Class of Reciprocal-Orthogonal Parametric Transforms ROPT
A Novel Switching Control Scheme for a Class of Underactuated Mechanical Systems
Adaptive Regulation methodology of large scale wind turbine
AG-MNN Appliqué à l’Identification des Systèmes non Linéaires
An Adaptive Hybrid double-dwell PN Code Acquisition in Rayleigh Fading Channels Using OS-CFAR algorithm
An Adaptive Serial Acquisition Scheme of PN Sequence in Nonhomogenous Rayleigh Fading Channel Using Artificial Neural Networks
An Approach for the conception of Intelligent Control for Torque-Ripple Minimization with Varying Parameters in Electrical Motor Drives
An Approach to Design Magnetostriction Phenomena in Frequency Domain, Application to an Electrical Motor
An Intuitive LabVIEW VI for Optimal Dispatch Scheduling with a Full AC Power Flow for Loss Calculation
An Optimal Microstrip Bandpass Filter Design Method for WiMAX Applications
Analyse du Couple Electromagnétique d’une MSAP par l’utilisation d’un modèle Eléments finis(EF)- Circuits Electriques
Analyse et Commande d’une Cascade Source photovoltaïque_Onduleur à Cinq Niveaux.
Analyse et Etude Analytique du Moteur BLDCM Destiné aux Véhicule Electrique
Analysis of Resonant Characteristics and Radiation Patterns of a Circular Microstrip Antenna on Isotropic or Uniaxially Anisotropic Substrate Using Artificial Neural Network