2 éme Conférence Internationale sur l’intelligence Artificielle et les Technologies de l’Information (ICAIIT 2019) 4-6 mars 2019
A comparative study of semi-supervised clustering methods with pairwise constraint
A Comparative Study on Arabic Handwritten Words Recognition Using Textures Descriptors
A Conditional Distributed K-means Cluster-based Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
A GA-VNS based algorithm for the multi-objective spanning tree problem
A Genetic Based Recommender System
A Hybrid Method for Image Segmentation Based on Modified Bat Algorithm and Fuzzy C-Means
A Multi-Agent Framework for Multi-Criteria Business Intelligence driven Smart Data in a Big Data Environment
A supervised probabilistic model for visual object recognition
A Ubiquitous Application for Arabic Speech Recognition
Abnormal human activities recognition : brief synthesis of vision based fall detection
An Agent and multi-criteria methods based approach for Web service selection
An Overview of Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Methods
Authentication Schemes in Internet of Things: A review
Automatic Recognition of Descriptors helping to Cause Diabetes in Algeria
Automatic recognition of plant leaves using serial combination of classifiers
Can Handwriting Style Help Strengthen the Person Identity?
Datawarehouse-based approach for the analysis of terrorism-related activities in social networks
Design and Realization of a Intelligent Lighting System for a Smart city Based on Ultrasonic Waves
Development of Artificial Neural Network models for predicting permeability: case study of Sif Fatima oil field, Berkine basin (Southern of Algeria)