Abstract—We present an efficient solution to the N-Queens puzzle using the heuristic algorithm proposed in the paper. The N-Queens problem become intractable for large values of N and this placed in NP (No deterministic Polynomial) class problem because of their high complexity (eg: O(N!) , O(2N )) they cannot solved in a realistic time frame using deterministic technique, very efficient AI (Artificial Intelligence) search algorithm solving strategies, even classic Local Search algorithm developed so far cannot find a solution for large size N-Queens problem in a reasonable time, in this paper we present a new optimization that combine the Local Search algorithm and our proposed heuristic algorithm which is based on a specific generated N- Queens Starting states. This efficient optimization is capable of finding a solution for extremely large size Queens number in O(N), we give the execution statistics for this hybrid algorithm with number of Queens up to 19,000,000 in less than one second.



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