This article presents an intelligent lighting system that can autonomously control the lighting level of lamps by using data of vehicles (bus, car, motorcycle and bicycle) and / or pedestrian circulation in a specific area. The system is able to adjust the lighting level as needed and reduce energy costs. Therefore, it uses local controllers, distance detectors, and video cameras and electronic devices can be added for video processing. That way, the inputs from the sensors are processed to reduce the lighting optimally.

We realized our system by an Arduino card containing the intelligent lighting program developed in Arduino IDE programming environment ensuring the acquisition of the light intensity by the LDR sensor and the distance of the object by the HC-SRO4 ultrasound sensor, the control of the intensity of the LEDs varied according to the needs. Experimental results show that compared to a traditional lighting system, the presented architecture allows energy savings up to 50%. The results of the tests obtained are very satisfactory.



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