The Internet of Things also well known as (IoT) has become an important research topic because of its rapid spread and wide deployment in different daily life aspects such as smart home, smart e-health services delivery, smart grid, vehicle connected, government control, etc. Nevertheless, the IoT paradigm raises major security and privacy issues. To secure the IoT devices, many research works have been conducted to countermeasure those issues and discover a better way to remove those risks, or at least reduce their effects on the user’s privacy and security requirements. This paper is mainly focusing on critical review of the recent authentication techniques for IoT devices , first we present taxonomy of the current Cryptography-based authentication schemes for IoT. In addition, this is followed by a discussion of the limitations, advantages, Objectives, Countermeasures, and attacks supported of current Cryptography based authentication schemes. Finally, we make in depth study on the most relevant authentication schemes for IoT in the context of users, devices, and architecture that are needed to secure IoT environment and that are needed for improving the IoT security and to be addressed in the future.



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