Study and optimization of a darrieus wind turbine

DOUAK Mohamed *1, ZEROUAL Aouachria*2,SetTou Noureddine*3

1Dept of petroleum production. University Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla, Algeria

2Dept of physics,laboratory of applied energetic physics, University hadj lakhder, Batna- Algeria

3Dept of mechanics, University Kasdi Merbah, Ouargla-Algeria


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Abstract— since the last decades, the vertical axis wind turbine Darrieus-type started to gain more attentions for its goodness of simple design, low cost, good maintenance and the principal advantage is the ability to accept wind from any direction without yawing and the ability to provide direct rotary drive to a fixed load. However, it’s characterized by a low starting torque in comparison with the Savonius rotor. To overcome this problem, the present study attempt to optimize a new design which will increase its starting torque. The control of the angle of attack allows an auto start of the turbine with no need to external means of starting. The performance of Darrieus-type was simulated and analyzed. In this new design the torque produced and the power coefficient are compared with those of a conventional Darrieus turbine. The effect of solidity on performance has been analyzed.


Keywords— Darrieus turbine; wind energy; self stating; pitch angle.


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