Mineralogical and Geochemical investigation of Fe-(Pb-Zn-Ba) deposit of  Zaccar, Ain Defla, Algeria.

Chaa H.  and Boutaleb A.

Metallogeny laboratory - FSTGAT - USTHB -ALGERIA

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Zaccar deposit is situated in tellien domain, west of Algeria, it is underlined by Paleozoic to quaternary stratigraphic sequence which forms part of stream Chélif's basin. it includes very varied features and presents significant tectonics.

In Zaccar deposit we can define two types of mineralization: one contains significant iron mineralization (siderite, hematite, limonite, goethite), and the other one, it be observed minor ore of Pb-Zn-Cu and  Ba (galena, sphalerite lead-gray, chalcopyrite, malachite, azurite and barite).

These mineralizations are boxed in the marmoreal limestone and considered by the former authors (Mattauer, 1952) as being Mesozoic (Jurassic).

The microthermometry study of primary fluid inclusion trapped in quartz shows the existence of cavities with dominant of aqueous phase, a bubble of gas and cube of halite, the temprature of homogenization fluctuates between 300°C and 330°C which suggests that the salinity of the fluids mineralization fluctuate between 38,2 and  39,8 % éq.NaCl, , probably , this  mineralization are associated the expulsion of hot and saline fluid of chelif’s  basin.


Key words: Zaccar, iron polymetallic Mineralization, fluids Inclusion.


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